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I may die someday but there is no death for my arts.
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Aniruddha Sarkar

Hi, my name is Aniruddha Sarkar.

I‘m a 20-years-old Kolkata based self-taught artist, illustrator, designer, creative thinker, photographer, graphic designer, website designer, world inventor, dream shaper, problem solver and fighter against the ugliness.


With a creative eye and a penchant for surrealism, I create individual and innovative works that will encourage the viewer to think about the topic.

My desire for art began in high school and has since snowballed into an obsession. Being an avid perfectionist and someone who has the tendency to think too much, art gave me an excuse to exploit these traits. That, compiled with the opportunity to express myself, art was a path I was eager to explore.

Currently I‘m working as an artist, illustrator, designer, website designer and graphic designer for international clients worldwide.


Artworks ,photography, text by Aniruddha Sarkar.

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Say something about my artworks - I really appreciate your feedback.

Ranak Chaudhuri
Thursday, 10th December , 2015

Love ur wotks Bro. They are seem to b soo real. Keep it up with ur creations!

Prashnik Das
Monday, 14th December , 2015

Awesome work.....keep it up

Saddam Hossain
Monday, 21st December , 2015

keep it up yaar

Monojit kundu
Saturday, 09th January , 2016

awesome work bro....

Sanjoy Saha
Tuesday, 29th December , 2015

Bhai u r just kohinoor dimond . I naver see multi talented like you. keep it up. god bless you. :)

Akshay Verma
Saturday, 30th January , 2016

Bro... U doing very well really look like real keep it up and one time u make history .......!!

Thursday, 11th February , 2016

so beautifull all pics looks real.........awesome work.....

Mustafizur Rahaman
Friday, 12th February , 2016

Nice work.. keep going on dude....

Tanya Agarwal
Tuesday, 16th February , 2016

Anazing work

Devend Thakur
Thursday, 03rd March , 2016

Amazing Nice work... Keep going on dude....

Diviya Gupta
Monday, 14th March , 2016


Durgesh Kushwaha
Tuesday, 15th March , 2016

nice sir i like your way of thinking

Jalindar Dholi
Thursday, 24th March , 2016

amazing work superb

Birbal Singh
Saturday, 26th March , 2016

hii..your artworks are outstanding...m speechless bro. keep it up.

Kalpitha Naik
Tuesday, 05th April , 2016

Your sketches are so damn awesome! Never seen someone so creative!! Keep it up. You are blessed with a great skills 😊

Mithun Paswan
Monday, 11th April , 2016

verry nice

Sunday, 17th April , 2016

very cute and awesome :) *_*

Friday, 22nd April , 2016

Great job. Bro

Durgesh Singh
Wednesday, 04th May , 2016

awesome work.....keep it up...

Vivek Kumar Maurya
Wednesday, 11th May , 2016

so nice pics bro... i like you with ur arts... i hope you are always grow up... nice

Saturday, 21st May , 2016

i m loveing it

Thursday, 12th May , 2016

so nice paintings

Sunday, 05th June , 2016

U r awesome man!!! :)

Monday, 23rd May , 2016

Awsmmm.. 😘😘

Megha Dutta
Tuesday, 31st May , 2016

You are amazing. Really appreciate your work, your talent....All of your work just outstanding....Keep it up....

Saturday, 09th July , 2016

Just awesome.....i like ur works very much...I want to learn it...

Saturday, 16th July , 2016

Just.. amazing.... Keep it up... In my Childhood khub ecche chhilo...

Wednesday, 10th August , 2016

Your works are mesmerising...I am truly amazed...Keep it up !!!

Ankita Verma
Sunday, 21st August , 2016

hey , aniruddha ur work is awsome i also love sketching but ur sketches is too good .. i m a selftaught artist if u like can u teach some techniques and which type of colours u use for sketching ...

Shilpi Choudhury
Tuesday, 30th August , 2016

U r amazing.....ato choto age e...beta keep it up!!!

Shilpi Choudhury
Tuesday, 30th August , 2016

U r amazing.....ato choto age e...beta keep it up!!!

Rahi Masum Raza
Saturday, 24th September , 2016

Becoming your Fan bro. Feel so proud of you. Keep doing this and touch the height.

Prashant Shrivastava
Friday, 14th October , 2016

It is awesome experience to see your drawings.Spellboud

Pradeep Singh
Sunday, 06th November , 2016

So hot

Chandana Das
Sunday, 06th November , 2016

Its a treat to come across your masterpieces... They are just so realistic. Keep up the good work.

Sunday, 20th November , 2016

Hi. I just checked your website. Amazing artwork.

Sunita Mandal
Monday, 21st November , 2016

Hi ani dada...your all arts and drawing inspire me very much.i know i m not a good painter .but i follow u..i follow ur paintings ....i wanna be a painter in future.....i m too from near kolkata...u r amazing seriously...i want to be ur student....plssss if u want i will be too happy.plssss dada i m very font of art drawing..etc........plssssss

Tuesday, 22nd November , 2016

Hii sir, Your art and Drawings are too great.... i want to make career in art in painting plzz plzzz suggest me what to do

Sajal Bhagat
Tuesday, 29th November , 2016

Just speechless.

Suraj salman
Thursday, 16th February , 2017

Your arts are awesome ,and very close to natrural

hiteshkumar yadav
Wednesday, 22nd February , 2017

अमेज़िंग पैंटिंग

Wednesday, 22nd February , 2017


very nice
Thursday, 23rd February , 2017

Very nice

Tuesday, 28th February , 2017

Very nice

Tuesday, 07th March , 2017

V very nice

tanzeer alam
Friday, 10th March , 2017

Very nice

Sunday, 12th March , 2017

Wow its just miracle in ur hand really awesome

Wednesday, 15th March , 2017


Sawan shakti
Tuesday, 21st March , 2017

Amazing sketches

Thursday, 13th April , 2017

I like your sketches bro.. I learnt very much information from your sketches... Keep it up .. GOD BLESS YOU

Monday, 17th April , 2017

Dear brother you have a fabulous talent, keep it up. You became inspiration for generations and youth. Keep it up. 👍👍👍👍👍 😎

Mitrajeet Sarkar
Wednesday, 03rd May , 2017

What is Your Aim Bro???

Monday, 22nd May , 2017

Super design and development

Thursday, 08th June , 2017

Really this is amazing this is show that you are genius.

Prince ritik
Monday, 19th June , 2017

Speechlesssssss...... :)

Namdeo Nikumbh
Monday, 26th June , 2017

भाई अपके हाथ मे बहुत बडी कला है (भाई एक स्केच शिवाजी महाराज बनाना भाई)

Sanjay sharma
Thursday, 06th July , 2017

Thanks too all and you are awesome and very talented

Wednesday, 20th September , 2017

................ No word to say dear....... .................salute............

Thursday, 19th April , 2018

Plz aniruddha bhai mere bhi bana da photo

Pooja ghavre
Saturday, 09th December , 2017

Hi pooja Muje mere friend ko gift kar na he dear to apke sath kaise contect kare plz fast reply ty i am waiting for reply

Navneet Modi
Sunday, 10th December , 2017

I have words for you and your sketches , you are unbelievable , and i am also a very very small artist in front of you just keep it up one day you will become world famous. You just nailed it.

Dishanta Adhikari
Tuesday, 12th December , 2017

I love your feeling .......of art

Mushahid Raza
Friday, 30th March , 2018


deepanshu sharma
Friday, 30th March , 2018

excellent drawing...

Sawan Kumar
Tuesday, 10th April , 2018


Sagar patel
Tuesday, 10th April , 2018

Speechless, Just amazzziinnggg Painting,.. 🙌🙌

Bijoy kumar bag
Sunday, 27th May , 2018


Thursday, 31st May , 2018


Neeraj Rawat
Saturday, 01st September , 2018

You are awesome bro .

Monday, 08th October , 2018

Wowww mast

Owais Dalvi
Wednesday, 14th November , 2018

It was awesome 👍👌

Sunday, 09th December , 2018

Wow bro nice arts

Shiva teja
Wednesday, 02nd January , 2019

I need one art from you
Thursday, 03rd January , 2019

Nice Work

Keep it up
Thursday, 03rd January , 2019

Keep up

Tuesday, 19th March , 2019

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Tamil DoT Ravi
Tuesday, 19th March , 2019

Nice Drawing ✍️ So Looking Send me Your Contact Number

Ravi surjani
Wednesday, 10th July , 2019

Excellent work pls share your contact details

Saturday, 13th July , 2019

My pic colour and Black and white

Roopali vishwakarma
Thursday, 08th August , 2019

Wow ani awesome yr.

Akash arya
Wednesday, 21st August , 2019

Bhoot acha banate ho bhai aap 🖤 aise he taraki karo

Ajay Maity
Tuesday, 02nd June , 2020

hii, aniruddha. i hering a illustater..for my design..and its very urgent. please contact me in maill.

Sagar Sunil Das
Tuesday, 07th July , 2020

Hi, I am an artist .I need your help. Please contact me. Your Arijit sir drawing is wandering. And I am a new Youtuber check out my some drawings . Please contact me . Hope you are fine . I waiting for your words.

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